We couldn’t have asked for a better or more glowing review of the Mason Definition Chorus than this one from Stu Kerton, Road.cc.

“The Mason Definition Chorus is a jack of all trades, yet amazingly a master of all. It's the definitive all-round road bike, one that offers great ride quality and geometry that works both at speed or when cruising along – and that's whether you're crossing town, the county, or even the country. The build quality and finish are flawless too.


Phenomenal – that's the only word I can really think of to describe the Definition as a package. Just looking at the build quality and impeccable paint finish, I could easily forgive the Mason if it rode like a garden gate. Thankfully though, it doesn't. The ride is sublime.

Back in 2015 I said I couldn't understand how a handful of alloy sticks welded together could leave you so excited, and I stand by that seven years later. Aluminium alloy still has so much to offer, and the Definition is its showcase.


The way this thing rides is a masterclass in bike design and engineering

Read the full review here.

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Our MASON-supported riders have been and continue to put the Definition to the test, with Angus Young, Winning the Pan Celtic Race 2021, and setting the fasted known time at 3 Peaks by Bicycle Challenge. For more stories, and what’s new, head over to our blog page

If you have any questions or would like to test ride a Definition or any of our bikes, we’d be happy to help, just get in touch.