What a way to start 2023 with not one, but two MASON bikes being nominated for the Road Bike of the Year 2022/23 award and then for Road.cc to announce that the MASON SLR is not only the winner of their Road Bike of the Year 2022/23 award but also, the overall winner of the prestigious Bike of the Year category!

Just when we thought we couldn’t top that, the MASON Definition also rated highly in the awards. Following Stu’s review in the summer of 2022, where he described the Definition Chorus as “Phenomenal“, it was also a finalist in the top 10 for both the Road Bike of the Year AND Bike of the Year categories. Also making MASON the only brand with two bikes in the final listings!

Dom Mason has shared just what this means to him and the team:

“The road.cc ‘Road Bike of the Year’ and overall win for ‘Bike of the Year’, were so fantastic to receive. I am beyond happy and grateful that the new MASON SLR has earned these awards. We were the only brand to have TWO bikes in the finals too, with the MASON Definition also making the cut.

We put absolutely everything into developing and releasing these two new bikes during the tough pandemic period. I felt that, rather than stepping back and waiting until easier times, we should push even harder, and actually I think that these new models are amongst the best that we have ever created.

We have been passionate about high-quality metal bicycles since we started this journey in 2014. We have always been motivated by progression and development, with our 'Ride Driven Design' motto remaining foremost as our guidance. 

Keeping these pillars firmly in mind, we have maintained our original mission of working with small, highly experienced makers in Italy and now also in Scotland, sourcing as much as possible from within Europe and running a sustainable business. So, to see our small brand, with our metal bikes [one with a European groupset], made by our friends in Italy, WIN the road.cc Bike of the Year 2022/23 felt particularly special! 

We are approaching 10 years of MASON Cycles, we have stuck with our original goals and principles and this award seems to say that we have done the right thing".

The SLR is a bike that lead reviewer Stu Kerton described as “faultless” he also said, 

The SLR is a truly impressive bike, beautifully created and finished, that offers a stunning blend of performance and ride quality.

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Following the road.cc review of the Definition Chorus in 2022, and with the bicycle being recognised as ‘Road.cc Recommended’, Stu described the Definition as…

...a jack of all trades, yet amazingly a master of all. It's the definitive all-round road bike, one that offers great ride quality and geometry that works both at speed or when cruising along – and that's whether you're crossing town, the county, or even the country. The build quality and finish are flawless too.

Read the full review here.

Listening to riders and customer feedback has got us to where we are today, and now that the SLRs are beginning to see their first adventures, here is how friend of MASON Malcolm Mair is getting on with his launch edition SLR so far.