All photos credit Tom Kahler, Film credits Gee Milner, and finally a big thank you to @fordeurope #fordnugget and @Sidetrackedmag for making this happen.

We're in Norway on a camper-van trip with a loose plan: to journey from the sea to the mountains, or from fjord til fjell...cramming as much biking, kayaking, and hiking as we can.

Our friends at Sidetracked - the tri-annual adventure travel magazine - got in touch with us with a special request: 2 bicycles to accompany 2 adventurers on their journey from sea to mountain, capable of tackling the lush forest trails and barren rocky peaks they would encounter on their journey to the peak of Trollveggen.

Thick tyres crunch on the dirt track; gears clunk up and down, responding to the demands of our twitching thumbs; and our lungs heave as we battle against undulating terrain. We are going nowhere in particular – but it doesn’t matter.

As multidisciplinary adventurers James Forrest and Nicola Hardy travelled from Ålesund to Trollstigen in their Ford Nugget campervan they made stops wherever they felt like it, and experienced the beautiful Norwegian landscape on our InSearchOf and BokehTi bicycles in search of friluftsliv - 'Open air living'.

The full read over on Sidetracked is well worth setting aside a few minutes and a brew to, so click here to head over there and check it out.