Shimano 105 Di2 is here and pre-orders for Mason 105 Di2 bicycles are open. Please contact us to discuss your Mason 105 Di2 bicycle pre-order.

Our framesets deserve the best components, and the fact that we've offered several 105 bicycles in our lineup since the start shows how highly we rate the super reliable 105 groupset. This milestone edition is a huge step up in technology for 105, so we're excited to see the excellent Di2 technology available at a competitive price.

With functions and technologies directly inherited from the latest 12spd. Dura-Ace and Ultegra, 105 Di2 brings Di2 shifting to a new group of riders who have only experienced mechanical shifting – and is set to level up the entry point to the modern cycling experience.

With a shared Di2 platform, sophisticated ergonomics, 105-optimised gear combinations and an exceptional brake system, Shimano's 105 Di2 is a milestone in the legendary brand's affordable performance groupset.

This is a groupset that is as easy to use as it is advanced, delivering consistent shifting and operating near-silently. Just like Dura-Ace 12spd., 105 Di2 shifting is fully customisable, has 3 different Synchro-Shift modes and ~1000km battery life for both derailleurs.

The full range of Mason 105 Di2 bikes - Definition, Resolution, and Aspect - are available to pre-order. Pricing starts at ~£3595(tbc) for the Definition 105 Di2 model.

We estimate our stock of 105 Di2 groupsets to arrive in Q1 2023 and will recieve updates on that very soon, but pre-orders for complete bikes are open now. Please contact us to discuss your Mason 105 Di2 bicycle pre-order.