Josh is mentally prepared for his Tour Divide adventure in Summer, and he's been putting the miles in on his InSearchOf Prototype. 

Take a look at this vid where he walks us through his prototype ISO set up.

Isn't his point on training for the T.Divide interesting?? Josh is already riding the Tour Divide in his head, deep into the adventure and prepared for bears, yet physically he is in Cambridgeshire. Is he transforming his experience of training in Cambridgeshire and mentally adapting it to his vision of the Tour Divide and transcending geographic limitations? Does it matter where you train if you are somewhere else in your head? Hmm.

Sunday Lunch

Our friends at caught up with Josh, via Tracey (his Mum) as he has been putting his ISO proto through its paces in his Tour Divide prep.

Covering everything from Bikingman Oman to the future Tour Divide, this succinct interview is well worth a read to get up to speed with Josh's big plans. Clearly he is cool, calculated and determined.

Check out the full interview HERE