MASON 3D-PRINTED BB Cable Stop £9.50


Our CAD modelled, 3D-SLS printed BB cable stops play a double act as both outer housing end-stop and cable guide. 

We worked very hard to make sure there are no 'sumps' in the cable runs to prevent moisture collection and shift deterioration. Another small but very important detail that many other makers get wrong. 

Smooth, efficient cable and hose routing is essential for accurate, light and durable shifting and braking. We worked very hard to make sure all cable routes are as smooth and direct as possible to minimise drag and increase life and efficiency.

The structural Nylon, 3D printed, carbon-black dyed and polished, BB mounted cable stop is unique to Mason, it allows the optimum cable route to the front mech. The slotted end ensures a perfect fit and close surface match to the hand-drilled guide holes in the BB.

MASON BB cable guides are printed in short runs from PA2200 Structural Nylon. We've chosen this material for its exceptional corrosion resistance, high strength-to-weight ratio and ideal stiffness characteristics for this application.

These cable stops are easily removable when using electronic transmissions.

MASON 3D-printed Cable Stops are supplied with 1 x Jagwire Long-nose ferrule + 2 x M3 CSK screws.


  • Unique to MASON.
  • SLS 3D Printed PA2200 Structural Nylon.
  • Removable for Electronic Transmissions.
  • Eliminates Grim Sumps.
  • Maintains Smooth Shifting and Prolongs Cable Life.
  • Supplied with 1 x Jagwire Long-nose Ferrule and 2 x M3 CSK screws.