Mason Contact Tape £25.00

Mason Contact Tape

Mason Contact Tape is a super grippy and extra long bar tape suitable for wrapping any handlebars. Designed with a knurled tape surface and debossed 'Crown' single element pattern to maximise contact grip. It's grippy in all weather conditions and features a silicone gel backing tape to enhance ride quality and improve comfort over long distances. This tape is 2.5m long which provides ample length for wrapping wider, flared or aero/ergo-top handlebars, or can be doubled up for a thicker layer on the drops. Contact tape is re-wrappable, wipe clean and comes with knurled finishing tape.

Our exclusive bar-end plugs secure the tape with a 3mm allen head system and they're printed with a semi-reflective Mason Crown graphic to increase rider visbility at night.

We fit this tape as standard to every complete bicycle we assemble.


  • High-grip, all weather and extra long bar tape.
  • Silicone gel padding.
  • 2.5m length to cover wider and flared handlebars.
  • Rewrappable and wipe clean.
  • Exclusive to Mason.
  • Semi-reflective logo bar-end plug with 3mm allen adjustment.