Mason Made For Miles Bottles £9.50

Mason Made For Miles Bottles

As its name suggests, our new MadeForMiles bottle, has a large 800ml capacity to allow you to carry enough fluid for long adventures with big distances between resupply points. Ideal for mounting on fork cages, or under the down tube as a re-fill reservoir.

Behind the Design
Working with artist Denis Carrier, we created the 'Made For Miles' design. It shows the MASON icon as a compass, representing the fantastic ability to travel that our bicycles provide and also that they are an investment, made to last for many many miles of adventure. The 'S' in MASON shows South, for our position near Brighton on the South Coast of the UK.


  • BPA-Free.
  • Large 800ml volume.
  • Perfect with the WolfTooth 'MorseCage'
  • The MadeForMiles bottle features big 60mm opening to allow easy filling, mixing and cleaning.
  • Leak Proof, Soft-spout stopper. One of the best spouts available.
  • 'Smoked' semi-transparent finish for easy fluid level identification.
  • Low-density plastic for a good grip and soft squeeze.
  • Frame-fit dimensions: 245mm.