Mason SUSTAIN Bottles £9.00

Mason SUSTAIN Bottles

Our new SUSTAIN 600ml bottle is made from Braskem® Green Polyethylene, a renewable raw material derived from sugar cane ethanol. 
This 600ml size is handy for tucking away under frame bags, to optimise your space on the bike, especially for smaller frames. It also works very nicely on the special seat stay mounts on the MASON Exposure.

Behind the Design
Working with artist Denis Carrier, we created the 'Sustain' design which shows the iconic MASON 'Crown' logo as a growing thing. It represents the growth of our small bicycle company, since 2014 and also depicts the leaves growing, falling and sustaining the brand.
This new hand-drawn design helps to represent the sustainable way in which we try to run things here at MASON, always aware of our place in nature. The design also represents using our growth to give something back, supporting our community and trying to encourage positive change where we can.


  • Sugar based and BPA-Free.
  • The SUSTAIN bottle features big 60mm opening to allow easy filling, mixing and cleaning.
  • Leak Proof, Soft-spout stopper. One of the best spouts available.
  • These 'Bio-bottles' are fully recyclable as plastic code 4.
  • 'Smoked' semi-transparent finish for easy fluid level identification.
  • Optimised for smaller frame sizes.
  • 600ml
  • Perfect with the WolfTooth 'MorseCage'
  • Frame-fit dimensions: 205mm