Mason Thru Axles £17.00

Axle Length.

Mason Thru Axles

All Mason Cycles use the SwitchLever Thru-Axle system front and rear. This high quality axle system features a removable lever to be used with both axles. Store the lever in the front axle for quick use or remove completely for extra security and a clean, low-profile look. Axles are supplied individually and the lever handle is available as a spare. When ordering please state what model bicycle you own to confirm the fitment.

Front Axle:

120mm: Resolution/Definition/Aspect/Bokeh

134mm: InSearchOf


Rear Axle:

160mm: Definition/Bokeh

166mm: Resolution; Aspect/BokehTi (with 2mm washer).

172mm: InSearchOf


  • Axles: £17
  • SwitchLever Handle: £10