MASON Touch-In Paint £8.50


  1. ShutterBlack
  2. LensBlue
  3. ElementGrey
  4. FlareOrange
  5. FilterGreen
  6. Vela

MASON Touch-In Paint

We hold most paint colours in stock. If you don't see your required colour in the menu, please Contact Us.

Our frames are finished by the highly skilled painters in Italy using the highest quality paints and multiple coats of laquer, but there is no avoiding accidental dings or heavyweight stone chips. 

MASON touch-in paint comes in a handy pot complete with a brush for accurate application of our original paint to your Mason, ensuring that you'll get a 100% match to your MASON bicycle.

USA customers please note: It is with regret that we can longer deliver Touch-In Paint to U.S destinations due to shipping regulations, however we are very happy to provide you with paint codes for colour matching paint.


  • Original MASON quality paint
  • Colours Available: ShutterBlack | LensBlue | ElementGrey | FlareOrange | FilterGreen | OpticGreen | SensorBlue | Sepia | Vela | FilterYellow | ModeRed
  • The closest match to your original MASON paint finish
  • Fine brush with stone-chip pick included