Mason X Voilé Strap £13.00


Mason X Voilé Strap

Here at Mason Cycles we have a 'Ride Everything' policy, snowboards and Skis included, so we have long been fans of the ethos and innovative products of Voilé (vò-lay).

  • These Mason x Voile Straps® are designed to travel the world. Made of tough, grippy, stretch polyurethane, with a UV-resistant additive to increase their lifespan.
  • Their heat-treated aluminum buckle features a slim profile for packing efficiency and extra durability and the material means they will continue to perform regardless of temperature.
  • 20" and 25" variants for neat and effectively securing pretty much any bikepacking luggage/load.
  • 20" is £13, 25" is £15.

Located minutes away from the best snow on earth: the Wasatch Mountains of Utah, their focus in the early 1980s was aimed toward backountry skiing and the resurgence of the telemark turn. Then in 1991, Voilé turned the snowboard world upside-down by introducing the much-needed design of a backcountry splitboard, this lead to the creation of the original ski strap, used to strap skis or splitboards together for transport or hiking the mountain.

Few things in life are as reliable as the original Voile Strap®. Over the last 30 years they have become the ultimate alternative to duct tape, nylon straps, and bungee cords. Because of this, the straps are a natural fit for the bike-packing community, who are an adaptive and innovative crowd with a real need for a reliable way of securing packs, tool kegs, clothing, sleeping matts, bivvy bags, water containers etc. They also work extremely well for an emergency 'get you out of trouble' fix along the way.


  • Fully compatible with our unique 'Shutter' Mudguard.
  • Highly suitable for use with our Bokeh and InSearchOf models.
  • Infinitely adaptable for accessory securing device.
  • Durable UV-Resistant Polyurethane
  • Hardened, Heat-Treated Alloy. Ultralight buckle.
  • The straps will not slip, they won't break and they work in all extremes of weather.
  • Infinitely adaptable, daisy chainable, accessory securing device.
  • Length: 20" or 25"
  • 20" is £13, 25" is £15.