MASON 3D-Printed Mudguard Mounts £15.00

MASON 3D-Printed Mudguard Mounts

For Aperture2 fork only (fitted to Resolution and Definition bikes).

Unique to MASON, our assymetric 3D-Printed mudguard mounts are a perfect surface match to our Aperture2 fork.

Using 3D CAD modelling, we've positioned the mudguard mounting point inline with the centreline axis of the fork blades. This triangulate the mudguard mounting points which keeps 'guards silent, stiff, and resilient to knocks.

MASON 'guard mounts are printed in low-volume batches from PA2200 Structural Nylon. It's the leading standard for SLS-printed parts and has exceptional corrosion resistance, a high strength-to-weight ratio and ideal flexibility characteristics for this application.

Because these subtle parts are easily removable, when it's dry and there are no redundant tabs stocking out of the fork so the clean lines of the Aperture2 fork are preserved.

MASON 'guard mounts are supplied in L/R pairs with qty.2 M5x8 screws and washers.



  • SLS 3D Printed PA2200 Nylon.
  • Assymetric Pair
  • Durable Carbon Black Finish
  • Supplied with M5 Screws and Washers.
  • Unique to MASON.