Mason 'Element' Chainstay Protector £48.00

Mason 'Element' Chainstay Protector

"...a 3D-printed protector that's one of the most intricate and attractive designs we've seen... it does it's job well, contributing to a supremely quiet ride."  |  MBUK 2023.

Custom designed and 3D printed in Europe from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). This flexible, rubber-like material utilises the latest 3D printing technology to minimise chain slap noise and prevent the paint on the chainstay from getting chipped.

The 'Element' Chainstay Protector is a precision fit for RAW and InSearchOf frames in all sizes.


  • MASON ‘Element’ 3D printed TPU chainstay protector.
  • Highly durable, tough and flexible material.
  • Designed for a perfect fit for both our Mason RAW and Mason ISO models.
  • High flexibility allows it to work for other frames in our range too, such as Bokeh and Exposure.
  • Raised repeated MASON Crown design ensures long lasting and quiet running wear surface.
  • Secure, twist-free fitting with two zip-ties and double-sided, trim tape for centre section.
  • Cutaway design at centre and slim sidewalls give maximum heal clearance to avoid clipping.
  • Quick and easy to fit.