Frames + Bundles

Our Frames

Obsessive attention to detail, the best materials, high quality finishes, unique and world leading features. All this, coupled to modern, performance led design and crafted by small, highly experienced Italian makers who are experts in their specific frame materials.

The Columbus steel Resolution, the Dedacciai Aluminium Definition and now the Bokeh and BokehTi AdventureSport bikes, they are all designed and built without compromise. Where a component or specific tube shape hasn’t existed we have made our own: from the advanced Aperture2 and Parallax carbon forks to the unique 3D printed structural nylon, BB cable guide and the world-leading MultiPort internal routing, the first of it’s kind on a steel frame.

The geometry of the Resolution and Definition frames is designed for distance and to deliver a spirited and lively ride, to encourage out of the saddle attacking climbs and fast, secure descents.

These are not your traditional 'race bikes' but they are designed to be ridden fast and ridden fast for a long long way. 

Multi-surface, ‘Se4son Dominance’ is the goal. The longer wheelbases allow larger clearances for higher volume tyres and full ‘guards, slacker head angles give stability and mean you can run a slightly shorter stem length than normal without upsetting the handling. Low BB’s feel great through the curves and help compensate for larger tyres. The head tubes are longer for comfort over distance, without being too long so that acceleration and climbing efficiency are compromised, we think we’ve found the sweet-spot.

The result is thoroughly modern, Multi-Surface, Ultra-Endurance, Se4son, adventure machines. Capable of keeping you fresh and engaged whilst crossing a country or delivering you swiftly home at the front of the club run.

The Multi Award winning Bokeh bikes are designed to take over where the terrain gets rougher and steeper, they are 'Continent-Crushing' Multi-Terrain bikes and are the machine of choice for many ultra-endurance athletes and bike-packers who enjoy steep, tech and fast as well as covering a continent in record time.