Individual Inspiring Bicycles

With Imtiaz's unique BokehTi, we've taken the ‘individual’ to a new level and have put together the custom, cutting-edge and inspiring bicycle you can see here.

During his first visit to the Barn, Imtiaz rode our 54cm and 56cm demo bikes, deciding that the ideal geometry for him would be a little higher stack than our stock 54cm BokehTi geometry. We don't offer custom geometry; we spend hours refining the geometry of our bicycles to deliver a highly-refined ride. However, the limited production nature of the Mason Titanium bicycles means that we can make sometimes small changes for fitment where this doesn't affect our desired ride qualities.

Each frame is welded to order. This is a highly refined and small volume product, so we make to pre-order only, but this does mean that we can make certain detail alterations to the frame features and geometry and we can discuss these as part of the ordering process.

All our Mason models are as close to ‘custom’ as you can get with their bespoke tubing design and when your frame is being welded and carefully finished you also have the chance to specify certain frame features.

As part of the 'Mason Custom Programme' Imtiaz chose to leave off all unnecessary ‘ports for a clean look.

There are no Top-Tube or Down-Tube cable MultiPorts. Leaving just the brake hose porting and kept the full suite of rack mounts and three bottle cage bosses.

When we were discussing this build, it was all about cruising in comfort and to cover a long distance effortlessly and without fuss. To crush-continents.

This required the durability and dependability of the highly desired 'RED' groupset.

It's also an extremely easy bicycle to live with on-the-road. The complete lack of any external wiring makes the bike extremely easy to clean, nothing to hinder the fitting of frame bags and packs, no cables to stretch, seize or adjust, shifting is almost effortless which pays big dividends when taking on long adventures and ultra-endurance rides. With added climbing blips fitted to the centre of the ‘bar, so gears can be selected from any hand position.

The brake levers also have independent contact point and reach adjustments so you can really dial-in your position on the bike. Perfect fit means reduced fatigue allowing you to remain fresher, stay on the bike for longer and travel further.

Traditional road-drop bars aren't always the best solution for steering a bicycle when fully-loaded up with bikepacking kit. When speccing Josh Ibbett's Round-the-world Bokeh we settled on the Ritchey VentureMax WCS 'bars to helm his rig, and we've fitted them to Imtiaz's BokehTi too.

These are in 44cm width. The VentureMax 'bars are flared outwards to give extra space between the drops for handlebar bags, they're angled inwards to open up elbows for improved control especially off-road, and they also have an ergonomic 'bio-bend' to better suit palms.

Distance-specific ergonomics are vastly improved with this really well-thought-out handlebar, and we offer this as an upgrade on any of our bicycles.

We love the clean lines of the Crank Bros. Stamp 7 flat pedals. Perfectly matched to a pair of slip-ons for the pedalling purist. Imtiaz's shoes are kept dry with SKS 53mm Bluemels 'guards. We custom bend the struts for a more secure fit and to maintain consistent tyre-guard gap.

This well-engineered bell is from our local Café Porteur. Quality satin finish and a piercing, crystal clear 'ding'.


Everything about this bicycle fulfils the 'hyper-speed cruiser' brief. From the wireless, carbo-metal drivetrain to the highly-sought-after, totally custom Italian-tubed, handmade BokehTi frameset; it's all super purposeful and well thought out. But it's also an extremely easy and rewarding bicycle to live with, to cover distances on and to own for a lifetime. It's #MADEFORMILES