SKS Bluemels Mudguards £42.99


SKS Bluemels Mudguards

The ideal fit for our 4Season and AdventureSport frames and offering excellent wheel coverage and durability.

For Resolution/Definition/Aspect models: Use with the 3D printed mudguard adapters that are supplied with your Mason frame or bicycle from new. Order HERE if you come to fit the 'guards and have misplaced them!

For Bokeh/BokehTi: The stays fit direct to the fork eyelets.


For shipping reasons we cannot supply mudguards fitted to your bicycle.


We supply the 'Bluemels' model with excellent ground clearance. The fitting procedure is the same as in the instructional video, link below.



  • 35mm: 700C tyres up to 30mm on Resolution + Definition models.
  • 45mm: 700C tyres up to 40mm on Bokeh + BokehTi models.
  • 53mm: Tyres 650B up to 50mm on Bokeh + BokehTi models.