Mason Cycles staff picks for this year's Christmas Gift Guide!

The holiday season is upon us, and at Mason Cycles, we're gearing up to make this year's celebrations extra special. Whether you're shopping for the cycling enthusiast in your life or seeking the perfect present to elevate your own riding experience, we've curated a top-notch selection of five incredible gift ideas that will make this Christmas unforgettable.

From innovative gear designed to enhance performance to stylish accessories that merge form with function, our collection has something for every rider. Join us as we unwrap the MASON Staff Christmas list, with our collaboration Mason X Viole straps, the Mason Sustain clothing range, the brand new Mason Sustain & MadeForMiles bottles, the MASON Contact Bar Tape and WolfTooth Morse Cage.

1. Mason X Voile Strap & Rack Strap

Here at Mason, we have a 'Ride Everything' policy, snowboards and Skis included, so we have long been fans of the ethos and innovative products of Voilé (vò-lay). These Mason x Voile Straps® are designed to travel the world. Made of tough, grippy, stretch polyurethane, with a UV-resistant additive to increase their lifespan.

Their heat-treated aluminium buckle features a slim profile for packing efficiency and extra durability and the material means they will continue to perform regardless of temperature.


2. The MASON Sustain clothing range.

In collaboration with artist Denis Carrier from Grenoble, France, we have developed a design called 'Sustain'. The design portrays the leaves growing, falling, and sustaining the brand and the community that surrounds and supports us.

20% of the income from every SUSTAIN clothing purchase will go to our chosen local environmental and riding charities at the end of every year.


3. The New MASON Sustain and MadeForMiles Bottles

Our Sustain bottles are made from Braskem® Green Polyethylene, a renewable raw material derived from sugar cane ethanol. This 600ml size is handy for tucking away under frame bags, to optimise your space on the bike, especially for smaller frames. It also works very nicely on the special seat stay mounts on the MASON Exposure.

In collaboration with artist Denis Carrier from Grenoble, France, we have developed a design called 'Sustain'. This design depicts the MASON 'Crown' logo in a growing form, symbolizing the growth of our bicycle company since its establishment in 2014. Additionally, the design portrays the leaves growing, falling, and sustaining the brand.


4. Wolftooth Morse Cage

We're always impressed with the practical design and craftsmanship present in the products from our friends at Wolftooth in the US. So impressed in fact that we're now offering their Morse Cages for sale with our bikes. These are the perfect durable, secure, adjustable and minimalistic bottle cage for use with our premium Steel, Alu or Titanium framesets.

Many of our customers have been requesting a solution to an endless combination of bottles/packs/accessories available for bicycles it makes sense to have options for positioning your bottles to get the perfect fit.


5. Mason Contact Bar Tape

Mason Contact Tape is a super grippy and extra-long bar tape suitable for wrapping any handlebars. Designed with a knurled tape surface and debossed 'Crown' single element pattern to maximise contact grip. It's grippy in all weather conditions and features a silicone gel backing tape to enhance ride quality and improve comfort over long distances. This tape is 2.5m long which provides ample length for wrapping wider, flared or aero/ergo-top handlebars, or can be doubled up for a thicker layer on the drops. Contact tape is re-wrappable, wipe clean and comes with knurled finishing tape.

Our exclusive bar-end plugs secure the tape with a 3mm allen head system and they're printed with a semi-reflective Mason Crown graphic to increase rider visbility at night.